Helpdesk Desktop Support – Day 2

Untangle Server – manage the network and serves as a firewall and router/bridge for your network system. Network policy at work.

Help desk Ticket System Training Spice Works
Manage Engine Service Desk
Learn about Hardware by Professor Messer
Lecture 12 Hardware Videos
Learn about Networking by Professor Messer
Lecture 13 Networking Videos
What is Active Directory (AD)?
Active Directory is Microsoft’s directory service that allows administrators to assign policies, deploy software, and apply updates for an entire organization. AD also allows users to store data in a central location, where it is backed up.
Active Directory is a state-wide authentication directory that supports enterprise systems, provides contact information and scheduling integration, along with providing mechanisms for centralized desktop management. There are multiple Active Directory (AD) environments in use across the University of Tennessee campuses and institutes. The purpose of the Active Directory Project is to migrate all of these environments into a single AD forest, which will provide the following benefits:
■ Single user name and password –
■ Password synced between AD and LDAP Directory Services
■ Reduce overhead through standardization
■ Improve services through centralized management capabilities
■ Provide foundation for the following AD related services:
■ Improve workstation security
■ Central storage provided for individuals and departments
■ Backup and restoration services for central storage
■ Server storage space for user documents
■ Backed up data on Home and Departmental drives
■ Lower departmental cost because infrastructure is managed and maintained by IT ( Local IT )
Desktop Support / Help Desk / IT Admins use AD to for all type of requests .
simple example will be users accounts are locked and require a password reset .
Microsoft Active Directory Labs

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