Helpdesk Desktop Support Training – Day 3

Sample Replies:

Me: Tech Support, My name is Jean, how may i be of assistance?
Customer: You’re website logged me out.
Me: I can take care of that for you sir. What site were you using?
Me: I’m sorry?
Me: Ok sir and can i get your username?
Customer: Hi my name is mark
Me: Hi mark i said your username
Me: Is that a dr or.. and for securty purposes what is your security name?
Me: Alright sir Im going to have to ask you to recreate the events leading up to the problem.

Me: Hello, IT. Have you tried turning it off and on again
Me: Hello, IT. Have you tried forcing an unexpected reboot?
Me: Is it plugged in?

Me: Hello, thank you for calling ____helpdesk. This is jean.
Me: May i have your name, department and ID please?
Me: Ok thanks ___. What seems to be your problem today? In detail please.
Me: If it’s alright with you I would like to do a remote connection with you now.
Me: *use remote access and explain what you’re doing to the customer/client*
Me: *explain diagnosis and troubleshooting steps that you have done*
Me: Ok that’s great I’m glad we were able to resolve your issue. Is there anything I may assist you with today?
Me: Alright are you satisfied with the results of your call today mam/sir?
Me: Ok thank you for calling ______ help desk and have a wonderful day.

Me: Thank you for calling ___. How may i help you?
Me: Im doing great. Thank you for asking. how are you?
Me: Ok, sure tell me your problem I can totally help you with that.

A Letter from HP Senior Vice President Richard Bailey

Dear HP Customer,
Here at HP Customer Support & Services, we are passionate about providing the highest quality support experience for you, our customer. We are committed to answering your support questions, no matter how big or how small. Our mission is striving to continuously innovate to bring you the best possible experience in a unique, multi-faceted support environment that meets your needs.
Our friendly and skillful technicians are equipped with the best available tools, techniques and training to try to solve your toughest problems. Contact us now .
You deserve a best-in-class support experience no matter when you need help, so no matter what your product’s warranty status, our Customer Support web site is always available to provide the answers you want, fast. Our award-winning Customer Forums also allow you to find solutions, ask questions and share tips about your HP devices in conversation with volunteer experts and other HP customers.
If you haven’t found the solution you need using one of these options, or if you have praise for one of our technicians, please tell me about your experience . Though a personal response cannot be provided to every customer, I pledge that HP will use your valuable comments to improve the customer support experience. Our goal is to bring you the support you need, and ensure that every time you connect with HP’s Customer Support team, you walk away as a satisfied customer.

Richard Bailey
Senior Vice President
HP Customer Support & Services

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