Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) Routing And Switching Version 5 Lab Exam Infrastructure Services

15% 5.0 Infrastructure Services
5.1 System management
5.1.a Implement and troubleshoot device management
5.1.a (i) Console and VTY
5.1.a (ii) telnet, HTTP, HTTPS, SSH, SCP
5.1.a (iii) (T)FTP
2013 Cisco Systems, Inc. This document is Cisco Public. Page 8
5.1.b Implement and troubleshoot SNMP
5.1.b (i) v2c, v3
5.1.c Implement and troubleshoot logging
5.1.c (i) Local logging, syslog, debug, conditional debug
5.1.c (ii) Timestamp
5.2 Quality of service
5.2.a Implement and troubleshoot end to end QoS
5.2.a (i) CoS and DSCP mapping
5.2.b Implement, optimize and troubleshoot QoS using MQC
5.2.b (i) Classification
5.2.b (ii) Network based application recognition (NBAR)
5.2.b (iii) Marking using IP precedence, DSCP, CoS, ECN
5.2.b (iv) Policing, shaping
5.2.b (v) Congestion management (queuing)
5.2.b (vi) HQoS, sub-rate ethernet link
5.2.b (vii) Congestion avoidance (WRED)
5.3 Network services
5.3.a Implement and troubleshoot first-hop redundancy protocols
5.3.a (i) HSRP, GLBP, VRRP
5.3.a (ii) Redundancy using IPv6 RS/RA
5.3.b Implement and troubleshoot network time protocol
5.3.b (i) NTP master, client, version 3, version 4
5.3.b (ii) NTP authentication
5.3.c Implement and troubleshoot IPv4 and IPv6 DHCP
5.3.c (i) DHCP client, IOS DHCP server, DHCP relay
5.3.c (ii) DHCP options
5.3.c (iii) DHCP protocol operations
5.3.c (iv) SLAAC/DHCPv6 interaction
5.3.c (v) Stateful, stateless DHCPv6
5.3.c (vi) DHCPv6 prefix delegation
5.3.d Implement and troubleshoot IPv4 network address translation
5.3.d (i) Static NAT, dynamic NAT, policy-based NAT, PAT
5.3.d (ii) NAT ALG
5.4 Network optimization
5.4.a Implement and troubleshoot IP SLA
5.4.a (i) ICMP, UDP, jitter, VoIP
5.4.b Implement and troubleshoot tracking object
5.4.b (i) Tracking object, tracking list
5.4.b (ii) Tracking different entities (e.g. interfaces, routes, IPSLA, and such)
5.4.c Implement and troubleshoot netflow
5.4.c (i) Netflow v5, v9
5.4.c (ii) Local retrieval
5.4.c (iii) Export (configuration only)
5.4.d Implement and troubleshoot embedded event manager
5.4.d (i) EEM policy using applet
2013 Cisco Systems, Inc. This document is Cisco Public. Page 9
5.5 Troubleshooting infrastructure services
5.5.a Use IOS troubleshooting tools
5.5.a (i) debug, conditional debug
5.5.a (ii) ping, traceroute with extended options
5.5.a (iii) Embedded packet capture
5.5.b Apply troubleshooting methodologies
5.5.b (i) Diagnose the root cause of networking issue (analyze symptoms,
identify and describe root cause)
5.5.b (ii) Design and implement valid solutions according to constraints
5.5.b (iii) Verify and monitor resolution
5.5.c Interpret packet capture
5.5.c (i) Using wireshark trace analyzer
5.5.c (ii) Using IOS embedded packet capture

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