Hyperconvergence at the Edge

Cisco HyperFlex
• Reduce cost and minimize complexity
• Support always-on applications
• Shorten deployment time
• Deliver application performance
• Manage remote and branch locations simply and centrally

Designed for remote and branch locations
The digital business transformation is shifting the location where computing is
performed. Rich new digital experiences need always-on, local, high-performance
computing that is close to users. Retail, finance, education, healthcare,
transportation, and manufacturing organizations, and remote and branch offices in
general, are all pushing computing to the network edge.
Cisco HyperFlex Edge brings the robust feature set of Cisco HyperFlex systems to
your edge environments with a low-cost, easy-to-deploy, centrally managed solution.

The power of Cisco HyperFlex systems
We designed our hyperconverged solutions to overcome the limitations of first-generation products. Cisco HyperFlex systems deliver an end-to-end software-defined infrastructure that
combines computing using Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS) servers, softwaredefined
storage using the Cisco HyperFlex HX Data Platform, and software-defined networking
using Cisco Unified Fabric.

Cisco HyperFlex
• Reduce cost and
minimize complexity
• Support always-on
• Shorten deployment time
• Deliver application
• Manage remote and branch
locations simply and centrally
At a glance
Cisco Public
Designed for the edge
While enterprise applications have been migrating
to centralized data centers and to the cloud,
the Internet edge has been moving to branch
and remote locations closer to user devices and
organizational touchpoints.
We designed Cisco HyperFlex Edge to help
organizations extend their reach and service
customers and employees at their touchpoints.
At the edge, computing needs to be powerful,
reliable, always on, and able to operate
independent of the enterprise data center in the
event of any outage. With the reliability built into
the Cisco HyperFlex HX Data Platform, even our
edge deployments can maintain application and
data availability in the face of numerous failure
Our edge solution comes with the full power of
Cisco HyperFlex systems, but we optimized it to
lower its cost and to reduce space consumption.
With entry-level configurations, Cisco HyperFlex
Edge can be deployed in existing edge
locations and even use existing networks for
cluster communication. These enhancements
make it easy and affordable to deploy as a
hyperconverged solution in a multitude of edge
locations, or even as the sole cluster supporting a
small or medium-size business.
Easy deployment and
consistent management
Managing your Cisco HyperFlex Edge deployment
is as easy as managing your centralized
hyperconverged systems. Our installation wizard
provides an automated configuration process
that gets you up and running in less than an
hour. You can manage your centralized and
remote locations through the VMware vSphere
plug-in. You also can access all features through
the Cisco HyperFlex Connect interface with an
HTML 5 presentation layer accessible on desktop
and laptop computers and mobile devices. As
cloud management solutions emerge, imagine
composing your hyperconverged infrastructure
through a single interface that accesses hundreds
of clusters at once, with support for installation,
inventory management, and day-to-day
centralized control.
Next steps
Cisco HyperFlex Edge brings the next-generation
of hyperconverged solutions beyond your data
center and out to the network edge. With access
to the same full-featured data platform and
management model as you use in your data
center systems, extending your reach has never
been easier.

Meet your customers at the network edge
Our edge-optimized solution is designed
for remote- and branch-office operations. It
offers a lower-cost, small-footprint option,
with automated management and the full
feature set that you expect from Cisco
HyperFlex systems:
• Simplified three-node cluster
• Tuned to use existing 1-Gbps network
• Same easy deployment and management
for all Cisco HyperFlex systems

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