Cisco UCS Manager: An Overview

Unify and Embed Management for Unified Computing
Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) Manager provides unified, embedded management of all software and hardware components in the Cisco UCS. It controls multiple chassis and manages resources for thousands of virtual machines.

Improve Operational Efficiency
Through its unified, embedded, policy-based, and ecosystem-friendly approach, Cisco UCS Manager helps reduce management and administration expenses, which are among the largest items in most IT budgets.

Increase Agility
Cisco UCS Manager supports data center automation, helping increase operational agility and scalability, while reducing risk. It provides policy-based management with service templates and service profiles.

Provide Flexibility
Cisco UCS Manager facilitates operation of workloads on physical as well as virtualized Cisco UCS servers. It promotes server consolidation and offers the flexibility of running workloads on blade or rack-mount servers.

Improve Visibility and Control
Integration of the Cisco UCS Manager with industry-leading systems management solutions supports the use of existing IT staff, skills, tools, and processes. A comprehensive, open XML API that exposes 9000 points of integration facilitates custom development to achieve new levels of system visibility and control.

Features and Benefits
Cisco UCS Manager offers:
A unified embedded management interface that integrates server, network, and storage access
Policy and model-based management with service profiles that improves agility and reduces risk
Autodiscovery to detect, inventory, manage, and provision system components that are added or changed
A comprehensive open XML API, which facilitates integration with third-party systems management tools
Role-based administration that builds on existing skills and supports collaboration across disciplines

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