PyPy and RPython

Take a look at the logo →

It’s a rebus. Can you solve it?

It’s a logo of the PyPy – a Python within a Python.

In other words, it represents a Python environment written in Python-like language named RPython(Restricted Python). It is actually a subset of Python. The source code of PyPy is not run in the interpretation manner, but is instead translated into the “C” programming language and then executed separately.

This is useful because if you want to test any new feature that may be (but doesn’t have to be) introduced into mainstream Python implementation, it’s easier to check it with PyPy than with CPython. This is why PyPy is rather a tool for people developing Python than for the rest of the users.

This doesn’t make PyPy any less important or less serious than CPython, of course.

In addition, PyPy is compatible with the Python 3 language.

There are many more different Pythons in the world. You’ll find them if you look, but this course will focus on CPython.


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