Why not Python?

Where can we see Python in action?

We see it every day and almost everywhere.

It’s used extensively to implement complex Internet services like search engines, cloud storage and tools, social media and so on. Whenever you use any of these services, you are actually very close to Python, although you wouldn’t know it.

Many developing tools are implemented in Python.

More and more everyday use applications are being written in Python. Lots of scientists have abandoned expensive proprietary tools and switched to Python.

Lots of IT project testers have started using Python to carry out repeatable test procedures. The list is long.


Despite Python’s growing popularity, there are still some niches where Python is absent, or is rarely seen:

  • low-level programming (sometimes called “close to metal” programming): if you want to implement an extremely effective driver or graphical engine, you wouldn’t use Python;

  • applications for mobile devices: although this territory is still waiting to be conquered by Python, it will most likely happen someday.


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