How to get Python and how to get to use it 2?

Now that you have Python 3 installed, it’s time to check if it works and make the very first use of it.

This will be a very simple procedure, but it should be enough to convince you that the Python environment is complete and functional.

There are many ways of utilizing Python, especially if you’re going to be a Python developer.

To start your work, you need the following tools:

  • an editor which will support you in writing the code (it should have some special features, not available in simple tools); this dedicated editor will give you more than the standard OS equipment;

  • console in which you can launch your newly written code and stop it forcibly when it gets out of control;

  • a tool named a debugger, able to launch your code step by step and allowing you to inspect it at each moment of execution.

Besides its many useful components, the Python 3 standard installation contains a very simple but extremely useful application named IDLE.

IDLE is an acronym: Integrated Development and Learning Environment.

Navigate through your OS menus, find IDLE somewhere under Python 3.x and launch it.

This is what you should see →


The window that appears on the screen is the Python console (or just console or Python shell, or shell). You will use it to execute simple Python commands and to see the effects of your programs’ executions.

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