Real-Time Voice Cloning

Quick start


You will need the following whether you plan to use the toolbox only or to retrain the models.

Python 3.6+.

Run pip install -r requirements.txt to install the necessary packages. Additionally you will need PyTorch (>=1.0.1).

A GPU is mandatory, but you don’t necessarily need a high tier GPU if you only want to use the toolbox.

Pretrained models

Download the latest here.


Before you download any dataset, you can begin by testing your configuration with:


If all tests pass, you’re good to go.


For playing with the toolbox alone, I only recommend downloading LibriSpeech/train-clean-100. Extract the contents as <datasets_root>/LibriSpeech/train-clean-100 where <datasets_root> is a directory of your choosing. Other datasets are supported in the toolbox, see here. You’re free not to download any dataset, but then you will need your own data as audio files or you will have to record it with the toolbox.


You can then try the toolbox:

python -d <datasets_root>

depending on whether you downloaded any datasets. If you are running an X-server or if you have the error Aborted (core dumped), see this issue.

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