ERP Data Migration Best Practices

Preparing for ERP implementation is a crucial activity . In our company we are planning to migrate to Odoo. I have prepared below questionnaire to understand the value of the data to be migrated for the business unit heads.
Company (ex. Subzero, Oxford):
Business Unit (ex. Finance, Sales):
ERP Module (ex. Sales, Purchase):
Data to be migrated (ex. Product Inventory, Sales Invoice, Chart of Accounts):
Retention Period (ex. last 5 years required):
Importance of the data (ex. financial, reputational, reporting):
Frequency of accessing the data (ex. daily, weekly, monthly):
Remarks (ex. other important details):

For the data that will be migrated, Data cleaning should be done so that it is free from inaccuracies, outdated information, irrelevant details, duplicates, and discrepancies. Please note data migration is one of the most important, and time-consuming aspects of the implementation process. Importing the cleanest data possible is optimal, rather than importing every historical data item as it is counter-productive, slows system performance and makes it hard for users to find the important information.


4 Best Practices for Successful ERP Data Migration

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