Odoo-Gsuite Email Integration

Having an integrated email and enterprise resource planning system is important to streamline your business practices and processes. I implemented in our company the integration between Odoo ERP and Gsuite in order to use google to Mail Server to Send and Receive Emails in Odoo . Added benefits of this include:

  1. For use in CRM

Email communication and client relationship management is much easier.

  1. For use in Odoo Ticketing System

Ticketing system is automated as we are using the Odoo system to acknowledge, automate the tickets received.

Settings -> Gmail Outgoing Server

  1. Enable Less Secure Apps in Gmail account:
  2. Type the login username and password:
    odoo@company.com & password
  3. We have enabled SPF for spam detection so need to add:
"v=spf1 include:_spf.odoo.com include:_spf.google.com ~all"

This is required to make sure the emails are not going to spam.

If you use Odoo Online or Odoo.sh, We do recommend to redirect incoming messages to Odoo’s domain name rather than exclusively use your own email server. That way you will receive incoming messages without delay. Indeed, Odoo Online is fetching incoming messages of external servers once per hour only.

If you use Odoo on-premise, create an Incoming Mail Server in Odoo for each alias. You can do it from the General Settings as well. Fill out the form according to your email provider’s settings. Leave the Actions to Perform on Incoming Mails blank. Once all the information has been filled out, click on TEST & CONFIRM.


If no one in your company is used to manage email servers, we strongly recommend that you opt for those Odoo hosting solutions. Their email system works instantly and is monitored by professionals. Nevertheless you can still use your own email servers if you want to manage your email server’s reputation yourself.

You should set redirections for all the email addresses to Odoo’s domain name in your email server (e.g. catchall@mydomain.ext to catchall@mycompany.odoo.com).

Email forwarding: it.support@company.com to it.helpdesk@rajgc.odoo.com


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