Setting up Odoo Helpdesk

Odoo Helpdesk
Helpdesk teams provide your customers with support to queries or errors they might encounter while using your product/service. Therefore, a successful scheme where you can organize multiple teams with their customized pipeline, visibilities settings, and ticket traceability is essential.


Setting up an IT Helpdesk is important especially for a medium to large enterprise because we need to send monthly KPI/SLA reports and make sure the requests are all getting addressed on time.



  1. SLA/KPI reports
  2. Streamline business processes
  3. Knowledge base
  4. Track Issues and check delays

Offering a variety of channels from where your customers can contact you grants them flexibility and the right to choose the best one for themselves. And, in order to make sure inquiries across all channels get addressed, it is essential to have a solution where all interactions come in one place.

WhatsApp: To be updated

Optimized for productivity
SLAs, Automation, Templates, and Canned Responses.

Odoo Helpdesk is optimized for your team’s productivity:

Create your SLA rules and let Odoo take action automatically.
Automate emails or actions at different stages of ticket resolution.
Define dynamic email templates to automate the most common responses.
Escalate tickets to your manager in just a click.
Invite experts into a live discussion.
Use canned responses in live chat for instant answers.

Sell support contracts
Sell, renew, and upsell easily.

Sell support contracts to automatically provide helpdesk services to your customer. Track time on each contract with the timesheet app, and upsell automatically with time-limited contracts. Create alerts for your sales or helpdesk team based on your customer status.

Provide smarter self-service
Built-in customer knowledge base.

Develop your self-service platform by directly linking your FAQ, training videos, and presentations on a ticket. Develop a community around your product with the forum.

Allow customers to
close their tickets
Grant autonomy. Improve productivity.

Reduce the chance of error, avoid misunderstandings and leave more time for Helpdesk Teams to worry about what truly needs their attention.


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