MICROSERVICES  Microservices are an application architecture style where independent, self-contained programs with a single purpose can communicate over a network. Typically, these microservices can be deployed independently because they have a strong separation of responsibilities via a well-defined specification with significant backwards compatibility to avoid sudden dependency breakage (Makai, 2021). Microservices are a way to […]

How to Leverage Dockers and Containers?

Learn how lightweight, portable, self-contained Docker containers improve software development, application deployment, and business agility Developing with Docker Developing apps today requires so much more than writing code. Multiple languages, frameworks, architectures, and discontinuous interfaces between tools for each lifecycle stage creates enormous complexity. Docker simplifies and accelerates your workflow, while giving developers the freedom […]

How to Set Up a Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD) Pipelines on AWS

Automate your software delivery process using continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) pipelines offers several advantages: Develop, test and maintain build system, CI/CD framework and deployment tools. Automate and streamline deployment processes. Develop and maintain a monitoring system that overlooks our build landscape. Lead efforts in automation, continuous deployment, build, and configuration management. Assess new technology […]

Exercise – Plan work using Azure Boards

Exercise – Plan work using Azure Boards 15 minutes Here you’ll create a project, a team, and a board in Azure DevOps. The Tailspin team is eager to see how Azure Boards is going to work. With the pre-planning out of the way, they can start to use the tools and build the solution they […]

Choose an Agile approach to software development

Introduction 1 minute You’ve met the Tailspin team and learned a bit about their problems. Mara, the newest team member, is trying to convince her teammates that a DevOps approach, using the services in Azure DevOps, is a great way to solve them. She’s taken it upon herself to do a value stream mapping (VSM) exercise, and […]

Evolve your DevOps practices

Introduction 1 minute Azure DevOps can help your team release code in a more efficient, cooperative, and stable manner. Let’s rejoin the team as they learn about DevOps. Together, we’ll discover what it takes to get an Azure DevOps practice started. In the previous module , you met the team at Tailspin Toys. They’re working on a […]

Evolve Your DevOps Practices

Introduction 1 minute Do you want to improve your release process? Maybe you want to increase the frequency of your releases. Or maybe you want to increase the quality of your software. Perhaps you want to get rid of some manual processes and move toward a more automated approach. Whatever your goals, Azure DevOps can […]